If you have made another person on this earth smile,
your life has been worthwhile.
-Sr. Mary Christelle Macaluso 
Feed the Body - Mykolaivka

Institutionalized children in Ukraine are nutritionally lacking. Older children are served three bland meals a day, with barely enough calories, vitamins and minerals. The children are small for their age.

The orphanages do what they can with the little money they have, but things like fruit are not a frequent menu item.

The children at the Mykolaivka orphanage were each given an orange on a recent trip and it was great to see their smiles. Kids held their fruit with a death grip, and would not be separated from their prized oranges even to be photographed.

Just 30 cents buys a piece of fruit! This is a real treat for the kids and also provides much needed nutrition. test

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